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Stempra uses an online subscription system called LoveAdmin to manage member information and payments. Once you have registered to join Stempra using our online form, an account will automatically be created for you. You can then log on at any time to update your personal details here.

Mailing list

The Stempra mailing list is run using JiscMail, the  UK’s biggest educational  & research email discussion list community. Once your Stempra membership has been confirmed, your registered e-mail address will be added to the discussion list and you will receive a notification e-mail from JiscMail. Please save the notification e-mail as it has useful information about how the Jiscmail discussion lists work. You can manage the frequency of e-mails and the e-mail address you are registered with by logging on to JiscMail here: You will need to register a password the first time that you log on. You will find a link to register your password in the ‘Quick Links’ on the JiscMail homepage.


Stempra securely holds personal data of its members to fulfil its remit as a membership organisation, and is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

The personal data Stempra holds, including all data entered when registering your account, will be deleted one year after a lapse in membership, and you have the right to request for your data to be deleted at any time.

Stempra uses a third party – LoveAdmin – to handle membership payment. Members are in control of the data they enter to their LoveAdmin account, and can log in to review and update their data at any time. Data entered into LoveAdmin is held securely and will not be accessible to anyone other than the individual member and the Stempra Membership Team – who access the data to ensure your membership is up to date, and that your data is deleted one year after lapse of membership.

As a member of Stempra, you can choose to sign up to one or more of our emailing lists to receive information – for example about our upcoming events, jobs posted by members, and to participate in member discussions. If you choose to email the Stempra list, your email address will appear as the author of the email and may be held by individual Stempra members.

Your contact details will also be used by Stempra to inform you of necessary changes to your account and to remind you about membership renewal.

If you have any questions about Stempra’s data protection policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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