Engaging younger audiences

30 January 2020
  • Start: 18:30
  • End: 21:00
  • Location: Science Media Centre, 5th Floor, Wellcome Collection

We all know how powerful using audience insights to drive communications is. Understanding our communities, their behaviours and how they access and engage with STEM information can be key to campaign success.

But what if you're trying to reach an audience younger than your core community? Or if they're at a specific life or educational stage? Children, teenagers or even early career researchers - do they need a different approach and style of communication? If they’re not likely to be accessing legacy media, what formats should we be considering instead? Are there any special considerations when working with children? How do we bring the fun, keep their attention but still get the key information across?

Ask our experts:

Lucy Eckersley is a freelance science presenter and the Outreach Officer at the Royal Veterinary College London. She will be discussing her work with young people, specifically looking at their barriers to higher education in the context of animal science.

Sam Burne James will discuss why PR and communications professionals should always have safeguarding on their radar - especially when thinking about engaging younger audiences - with reference to a new guide he helped write last year.

Steve Cross has worked in science communication and comedy for many years and has seen scientists fail to reach young audiences in many different ways. He will help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Chair: Fareha Lasker, Communications Manager, Consortium for Battery Innovation

Join us at the Science Media Centre for drinks, nibbles and useful insights - we look forward to seeing you there!

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