Weighing up evaluation in PR: How, when and why to evaluate your work

26 July 2018
  • Start: 19:00
  • End: 21:30
  • Location: Science Media Centre, 5th Floor, Wellcome Collection

Everyone knows the great feeling you get from delivering a top-notch press release, campaign or publication.  But beyond receiving a congratulatory box of doughnuts or a pat on the back from your boss, how do you evaluate the success your work?  It’s no longer as simple as counting how many print newspapers have featured your press release or how many downloads your report got - the shifting digital landscape and changing priorities of research institutions mean that evaluation can be a complex and sometimes painful business.

Fortunately, we’ve found two brilliant experts willing to guide us through the complexities of PR evaluation.

Ellie Dobson is Head of Science, Engineering & Innovation at AprilSix Proof, a leading comms and PR agency specialising in science and technology.  She has a wealth of experience delivering campaigns for some of the biggest names in UK science, engineering and health, and will share her insights into how to make evaluation work for you.

Andrew Smith is Managing Director of Escherman, a specialist consultancy delivering world class social media, SEO, PPC and analytics training.  He’s passionate about digital evaluation and regularly trains non-profit organisations on how to make the most of the free and low-cost digital evaluation tools available.

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