Twitter chat: promoting science responsibly

16 February 2015
  • Start: 12:30
  • End: 13:30
  • Location: Twitter, the internet

We will be hosting a twitter chat all about the ongoing issue of promoting science news responsibly.

There was a lot of discussion before Christmas about hype in health and science reporting, which continues to be seen with stories such as “two-thirds of cancers are due to ‘bad luck’” in the headlines.

We’re taking the discussion to twitter to talk about striking the balance between making a story newsworthy and maintaining accuracy. We’ll be asking how to manage expectations, what everyone’s role is in reporting science and health responsibly, and what actually counts as hype, anyway?

Some thing to think about:
- Recent stories in the news, such as two thirds of cancer down to 'bad luck' and over 80% of Americans support "mandatory labels on food containing DNA"
- Staying accountable to our readers: taking Buzzfeed's editorial standards and ethics guide as an example, should press officers work to similar standards?
- What counts as hype? Is it acceptable to speculate on research findings in news stories and press releases?

No need to book, just follow @stempra and #stempra to join in.