Stempra AGM Minutes 2018

4th April 2018

Date and Time: 7pm Monday 26 March 2018

Venue: The Castle Farringdon, 34-35 Cowcross St, London, EC1M 6DB


Rachel Argo
Daisy Barton
Seil Collins
Daniel Gooch
Claire Hastings
Emily Head
Hayley Jarvis
Erin Johnson
Alice Kay
Jo Kelly
Fareha Lasker
Fiona Lethbridge
Simon Levey
Sophia McCully
Natasha Neill
Shamim Quadir
Freya Robb
Joseph Shuttleworth
Sophie White
Nancy Williams
Joel Winston


Peter Cooper, Scott Keir, Trish Regis, Kate McAllister


Approve minutes from 2017 AGM

Minutes were approved by general aye.

Update from the Chair

CH said that she was proud of what Stempra had achieved over the last year, increasing outreach and engagement, especially outside London, with a well-attended regional event in Manchester with another planned in Scotland in May. The recent press officers training day had also been fantastic with great attendance and good feedback so far. Plus the committee hit our target of one event per month.

CH also updated on the work Stempra was doing around the AMS recommendations for press officers, at that an updated best practice section in the guide would be ready very shortly and work would continue on the other recommendations.

CH also highlighted the great work FLa has done with the newsletter. Newsletters were issued in May, July, September, November and January, with average engagement increasing from 30 to 40% (well above industry average of 20%). CH reported the mentorship scheme has had a lot of interest and will be rolled out in the coming months, and the ongoing work streamlining the membership system to make it compliant with GDPR legislation. Stempra had 323 members at the time of the AGM.

CH closed by looking ahead to improving and increasing Stempra’s social media use in the coming year, and by thanking all committee members for their hard work including Elspeth and Zoe who have stepped down, and particularly Sallie Robbins for all of her work over the past years.

Update from the Treasurer

SR was absent but the accounts had been circulated beforehand and AK read out a statement on her behalf. It was made clear that if any members had questions about the accounts that SR was happy to answer over email. Stempra’s accounts are in good shape with plenty of reserves and the auditor Simon Levey reported no issues.

Approve accounts

Accounts approved by general aye.

Appoint auditor for next year

Simon Levey and Kerry Noble agreed to be auditor for the coming year. Both were approved by general aye.

Amending the constitution to officially create the role of Social Media Coordinator.

CH outlined the need for a Social Media Coordinator to help Stempra increase its engagement and visibility on social media platforms. No committee member covers this role currently, and with the risk of committee members stepping down as had been the case over the last year, it was though best to create a specific named role on the committee. The suggested amendment reads as follows:

“The social media coordinator shall as a minimum regularly update and monitor the Association’s social media platforms, including maintaining a regular presence and reacting/responding where appropriate to enquiries or comments. The position will also oversee website responsibilities if the Web Editor is unavailable.”

Change in the Constitution was approved with a general aye.

Voting for the 2018-19 committee

The meeting voted on the following positions and the following were nominated and approved with a general aye.

Treasurer: Trish Regis

Events Coordinator: Emily Head

Newsletter Coordinator: Fareha Lasker

Social Media Coordinator: Erin Johnson

Non-portfolio: Fiona Lethbridge, Daisy Barton, Sophie White, Kate McAllister


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