Science and health journalists meet STEM press officers

5th September 2017

In mid-August, we hosted our first ever joint social with the ABSW and MJA. This event encouraged press officers and journalists to together over some drinks and nibbles to see how we can better collaborate as well as have some fun! The Chairs talk more about why our three networks are such good pals:

Jack Serle, Vice Chair of the ABSW, our Chair Claire, and Lawrence McGinty, Chair of the MJA

Mićo Tatalović, Chair of the ABSW:
“We have some amazing members’ associations in the UK catering to
our various professional needs. ABSW focuses on critical science journalism, MJA on medical journalism and
STEMPRA on issues for STEM press officers.

Our members come across each other while doing their jobs, so it’s important for our associations to interact and allow opportunities for members to meet and exchange ideas, expertise and advice – and to have fun and get to know each other. That’s why the idea of a joint summer party is so nice, and it has worked well this year. We hope it will become a regular feature on our joint calendars, and that we will
expand it as it was oversubscribed this year.

At the end of the day, we’re all interested in seeing science and medicine work for the greater public good and wellbeing of the humanity and that is where our interests converge.”

Claire Hastings, Stempra Chair:

“At Stempra, we pride ourselves in practicing and promoting responsible and effective communication of science. We benefit hugely from the shared expertise of our 600+ members, discussing current challenges and best practice in science communication and media relations.

By combining our annual summer social with fantastic organisations such as the ABSW and MJA, we were able to widen out that pool of expertise – offering members the opportunity to chat to people who work in different roles within the sector. Gaining a better understanding of how one another work, and building stronger relationships, will surely lead to a more harmonious and effective way of working.

Our first ever joint social was a great success. I had a brilliant night speaking to people from the different organisations, and I hope those of you who were able to make it did too!”

Lawrence McGinty, Chair of the MJA:
“It was great to continue the tradition of imbibing since the MJA was founded in a pub. The ABSW meanwhile was founded in 1947 by such talents as Anthony Michaelis, Bill Dick, and J.G.Crowther. But I imagine they also met in a pub.”

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