How to create a PR buzz for events

5th September 2017

By Trish Regis

At the start of August, Stempra ran an event…on events. On the panel were Elaine Parr, Head of PR and Communications at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and our very own committee member Omar Jamshed, Press Officer at The Royal Society.

The focus of the event was to talk about how to spot the PR opportunity in events and potentially sell that into the media.

Planning is key, it can take months of build up to find the right PR angle around events. Omar talked about pitching ideas about events directly to journalists as there may be too much information to cram into a press release. Elaine discussed how relationships with senior staff in your organisation is the most important thing you have as a media advisor. This helps when you need senior buy-in to support your PR approach for an event, or in some cases when you need to push back.

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