AGM minutes – 28 March 2017

12th May 2017


1. Approve minutes from 2016 AGM

Minutes were approved by the general aye.

2. Update from Chair

HD said that Stempra delivered a fantastic programme of events, including the excellent press officers training day. Feedback received to date has been very positive. The Stempra guide to being a media officer was also successfully updated, largely thanks to FL. HD also explained that he was stepping down from the Chair position due to conflicting time commitments and thanked the membership and committee.

3. Update from treasurer

SR was unable to attend the AGM in person but accounts were circulated ahead the meeting. It was made clear that if any members had questions about the accounts that SR was happy to answer over email.

Simon Levey said that as auditor the agreed with a point SR that any future work carried out on behalf of Stempra (e.g., website, booklets etc) should be put out to tender via the membership to ensure the committee is obtaining the best deal.

4. Approve accounts

Accounts approved by the general aye.

5. Appoint auditor for the next year

Simon Levey agreed to be auditor for another year. This was approved by the general aye.

6. Amending the constitution to officially create the role of Membership Secretary

NK outlined why there was a need for a Membership Secretary. The position is currently carried out as non-portfolio officer after being separated out from the Treasurer role. The amount of work that this involves has grown through the years as the membership has grown and it would be good to recognise it by creating a specific role for it on the committee.

7. Vote to change the constitution to create position of Membership Secretary

Change in constitution approved with a general aye

6. Voting for 2017-18 committee

The meeting ran voting on the following positions and the following were nominated and approved with a general aye.

Chair – Claire Hastings

Secretary – Alice Kay

Web manager – Gozde Zorlu – Gozde had been co-opted to the committee in 2016 but this was to formalise her position on the committee

Membership Secretary – Omar Jamshed

Non-portfolio – Jo Kelly, Zoe Dunford, Tom Bragg

7. AOB

Harry Dayantis and Claire Hastings thanked all committee members standing down


Alice Kay

Ben Kolb

Claire Hastings

Elspeth Houlding

Fareha Lasker

Fiona Lethbridge

Harry Dayantis

Nicola Kane

Shane Canning

Tom Bragg

Trish Regis

Joel Winston

Brad Gellert

Rebecca Nesbit

Clare Ryan

Beck Lockwood

Jo Kelly

Zoe Dunford

Eva Sharpe

Alice Kay

Date: 28 March 2017

Venue:  The Sir John Balcombe, 21 Balcombe Street, NW1 6HE

© Copyright Stempra