Social media toolkit

30th July 2015

By Jess Devonport

So you’ve got Facebook and Twitter, and you’re posting posting updates and stories, but maybe you’re not sure you’re getting the most out of it. Well never fear, here are some apps and tools that you can use to understand your audience and create content that they will want to engage with.

Understanding your audience

Facebook graph search

Facebook has changed its search function so that results now include people, places, interests, hashtags, and locations. This means that you can use it identify:

– trends in interests, and comparisons across social media

– subgroups in your audience

– which types of content your audiences use and share

– tone and sentiments about a particular subject

These insights can help you to tailor your content for your audience, and optimise your interactions with them.

To use graph search, you need to change your language settings to English US.

Twitter advanced search

This allows you to search keywords, hashtags, and phrases, and refine the search based on geolocation. This is great if you have a regional or hyperlocal story, as it allows you to focus on specific segments of your audience, see what content they are posting, and their sentiment.

This is is also great for finding conversations and building communities as it allows you to see interactions between specific accounts.

Curating and sourcing content


Nuzzel curates content that’s most popular with the people you follow on Facebook and Twitter into a daily dashboard and email; it also collects content shared by your extended network (so friends of friends) and news you might have missed. This is really useful for keeping on top of news if your blogging or posting comment, or trying to piggy-back your content on other news (known as newsjacking).


This will send you a daily digest of popular links from your Twitter timeline. Twurly also analyses popularity and page quality, so it shouldn’t include spam links.

Social mention

This provides a real-time search across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. It will also provide some basic filters for sentiment and active sources.


Topsy is similar to social mention – it gives you real-time insights into what people are talking about, with a focus on social media and blogs. You can use it to find popular links and stories, tweets about your subject areas, and identify influencers. You can follow what people are saying about you online, and identify trending topics to include in your Netvibes dashboard.


Netvibes is great if you’re serious about social media monitoring. It allows you to create dashboards for anything you want to monitor online. So you can have one for your brand and products, your topic areas, your audience interests. You can add widgets for social monitoring, RSS feeds for particular blogs and websites, etc. You can follow coverage, social conversations, and monitor how people are sharing your content all in one place.


If This Then That is one of the most useful apps for content aggregation. You create recipes for the sort of content you want to collect, and IFTTT will automatically send links of this content to your dropbox or google docs. It will also automate posting and scheduling, so that if you do something on one channel it will post to other specified channels.

IFTTT is a great tool for putting together ‘listicles’ and curated content posts.

Creating multimedia content


This is great for creating infographics and data visualisations. It has a whole bunch of ready to use themes, if you’re not sure of how best to present your data or make it look beautiful. This is free, but you do need to pay a subscription if you want to download your images without the Piktochart branding.

iMovie (iOS) and Kinemaster (Android)

These are great apps for shooting and editing videos on your phone. Both apps allow you to import multimedia files from your phone, cut clips, add transition effects, and overlay audio – and then post straight to social media. Kinemaster requires an in-app purchase to export your videos without their branding, though.


This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have come across any apps that have made your life easier, send them to us and we’ll add them to the list.


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