Behind the scenes at the Elsevier’s Newsroom

6th September 2013

Our newsroom is the company’s main point of contact for media. Supporting them in their work to bring science to the public, we inform science writers on the latest research papers published in Elsevier journals through press releases, newsletters, free access to ScienceDirect and through linking them with discipline specific publishing experts and journal editors upon request.

Copies of research papers which are highlighted in our press releases are immediately available to credentialed journalists. Those wishing to search for their own stories can do so with a free media code to ScienceDirect, giving journalists online access to all Elsevier journals. In addition, we partner with national associations for science writers to increase our global network of science communicators to reach our joint objective: share scientific outcomes as broadly as possible.

Over the last months the newsroom has also increased efforts to make research papers to which a reporter refers to in his or her article open for all to read. Some of our journals are opening every article press released for a period of time, regardless if it’s covered by the media or not. We have also made free some of the more controversial studies that have been published in the past year based on intense public interest.

I hope the above overview gives colleague Press Officers an impression of how we work at Elsevier. I’d be very interested to find out how other Press Officers work, and hear of any novel processes, services or ideas in place which increases our working together to help serve the global community of science journalists.

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