Buddy scheme for peer support

14th February 2019

By Jo Kelly

No matter what stage of your career you’re at, we all need a bit of support every now and again, which is why we set up the informal Stempra Buddy scheme.

What’s the buddy scheme?

Rolled out in October 2018, the scheme is designed to match people with Stempra colleagues from different organisations who have the skills and experience to advise and offer support on whatever topic you want. This might be career progression and work-life balance, or support with particular skills development. You might just need a sounding board to discuss ideas (or lack of them!), or need a confidant to talk through specific challenges within current roles.

How does it work?

How and when Buddies talk – whether face to face, by email or skype – and what they discuss is decided within the pairs and remains confidential.

We’ve allocated mentors for around thirty people so far and it’s a real testament to the Stempra’s community spirit that so many members have offered to support their peers.

What members have to say

Feedback so far has been positive, including:

“It’s handy to hear how another team does things, so you can think carefully about whether your methods are the best way of doings things, or just the way they’ve always been done.”

“The STEMPRA Buddy Scheme has been really beneficial. I’ve been putting off applying for a promotion for a couple of years, and having a confidant who works in a related area has helped me overcome the fear of failure and also kept me motivated to stay on track to actually complete my application.”

“It’s great to have someone more experienced who you can turn to and ask the silly questions you might not feel confident asking people in your own team.”

“My Buddy’s in a very small team, clearly works incredibly hard and wants to do the best job possible with limited resources. It’s my first time mentoring and I’m really enjoying sharing my experience, discussing ways to work smarter instead of putting in even more hours, how to prioritise and when to say no.”

“As a mid-career professional I am lucky to have two Buddies! I am receiving senior mentoring, crucial for me at a ‘step-up’ stage of my own career. My mentor’s guidance and support has been invaluable in my approach to new challenges in my day job as well as job opportunities elsewhere. At the other end of the spectrum, my more junior mentee has provided me with real insight that helps me with my line and team management responsibilities. Working at very different types of organisations to me, they’ve both also helped me bring fresh perspectives and ideas to mine.”


The scheme is a rolling one, so if you’re interested – either as a mentoree or mentor – please contact committee members Jo Kelly or Emily Head for further information and we’ll do our best to match you up.

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