Publishing clinical studies in the COVID-19 era: context, impact and limitations

Photo by CDC on Unsplash A guest blog post by Sabina Alam (@Sab_Ra), Director of Publishing Ethics and Integrity, Taylor & Francis Group Nothing fosters collaboration like a global emergency, and this is the effect we’re experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic too. Ethics approvals procedures for research studies at various institutions have been accelerated (e.g. …More

Misunderstanding sex differences

In a joint event with the The Association of British Science Writers, Stempra members heard from cognitive neuroscientist Professor Gina Rippon, Katy Losse and statistician Simon White about a new project promoting accurate and responsible communication of research on sex, gender and the brain.Professor Rippon described herself as and an outspoken critic of ‘neurotrash’ — …More

Stempra joins forces with ABSW for sci comm award

Stempra has joined forces with ABSW (Association of British Science Writers) for the Dr Katharine Giles Award for the best popular article written by a scientist or engineer. The Dr Katharine Giles Award for the best popular article written by a scientist or engineer is an annual award, named in honour of a climate scientist …More

Press Officers during the Pandemic

Press Officers during the Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has meant an unprecedented demand for science and health in the news media in 2020, but how did STEM press officers rise to this challenge? Expertly chaired by Rebecca Zeitin, a huge number of STEMPRA members virtually joined our ‘Press officers in the pandemic’ event which brought …More

Working in partnership – a recipe for success

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash On 12 November, Stempra joined forces with the Healthcare Communications Association to look at the ingredients that make a successful communications partnership. Co-hosted by the HCA’s CEO Mike Dixon and Stempra Chair Rob Dawson, the event brought together a panel of five communications experts.  Their experiences of partnerships ranged from intensive local …More

Combating Misinformation: STEMPRA event write up

With WHO declaring an infodemic of false facts in the wake of COVID-19, our misinformation event aimed to give science communicators and press officer some useful tools to help combat the problem. Our first speaker was Dietram Scheufele, Taylor-Bascom Chair from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Morgridge Institute for Research. He started by questioning how …More

Promoting research: collaborating with other organisations

by Abigail Chard, Senior Consultant at Campus PR When an academic sends you through a paper on which she or he is main author, does your heart sink when you see a long list of collaborators from other institutions? If all institutions involved in the research want a namecheck, it can turn what is otherwise …More

Our first online event – to pitch or not to pitch?

STEMPRA goes virtual! With COVID-19 getting in the way of us all meeting in person, we’ve moved our events online – with the first on Monday 18 May with communications consultant Ruth Francis and Shane Canning, PR & media manager at the University of Edinburgh. Zooming in from all over the country we had a great …More

Communication in the face of COVID-19

Photo by CDC on Unsplash I work for the Meningitis Research Foundation and some of what we see now in terms of coronavirus communications mirrors what we see when this terrible disease strikes. When there are cases of meningitis, public health teams respond quickly and my team works hard to get accurate information out to …More

STEMPRA AGM 2020 Minutes

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash Our first on Zoom. The 2020 Stempra AGM was the Association’s first one held online. It was great to see so many faces on video after many of us had been working from home for a week. Thank you to all of those who logged on to join us …More

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