About Stempra

Stempra is a network for science PR and communications professionals. We care about the quality of communication in science, and want to support our members to negotiate the balance between encouraging public interest in science, technology, engineering, and maths, and retaining balance and accuracy. Our aim is for everyone involved in science public relations and press work to have the requisite skills, professional knowledge and recognition, and ethical guidance to do this.

We provide professional support through training, events, and networking so that our members can discuss the current challenges and best practice in the sector. Our events, newsletter, and active discussion list are a great way for members to come together to share their knowledge and experience responsibly.

Membership of Stempra is open to anyone working in, or on behalf of, an organisation where scientific public relations, media relations, or communication is involved in their job role. Our members range from press officers to Directors of Communication working for a variety of organisations including universities, learned societies, research councils and museums, as well as freelancers and consultants.

Stempra is run by a committee of science communication professionals from around the UK, operating under the constitution that has been approved by the membership.

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